Ordering Prescriptions

How to order a repeat prescription

Repeat Prescriptions can be ordered by

  • requesting through manage my health (need to be registered)
  • phoning the dedicated prescription line and leaving a detailed message (863 2112 ext 4)
  • emailing the Nurse at nurses@waihifamilydoctors.co.nz

If prescription is required urgently please phone and discuss with the nurses on 07 863 2112 ext 1 -  otherwise please allow 2 full working days for the prescription to be available.

Payment for the prescription can be made via internet payment

  • Waihi Family Doctors
  • 03-1575-0411024-000
  • Particulars & Code = Full name
  • Ref:  Rx

Can I get a repeat prescription?

This service is only available for repeats of regular medications previously issued by a Doctor at Waihi Family Doctors, however if you have recently transferred from a local GP we may accept this.

If this is the first prescription after hospital discharge we would prefer you saw the GP first to update any medication changes.
  • Repeat prescriptions cannot be ordered if more than 6 months since your last GP visit.
  • Repeat prescriptions will not be supplied for short term antibiotics.
  • Prescriptions are automatically sent electronically (securely) to the pharmary of your choice.   There may be a 48 hour turnaround at your pharmacy for the prescription to be dispensed due to the high workload currently.   Please contact your pharmacist directly if you need your presciption urgently.

    Please email us with any questions!

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