GP Services

Our experienced GPs provide a full range of medical services including

  • First Trimester Maternity Care
  • Cervical Screening
  • Long term contraception (Including IUCD & Jadelle insertions)
  • Preventative health (CVRA and diabetes checks)
  • Occupational and Insurance Medicals
  • Well child checks
  • Skin cancer screening and treatment.
  • Steroid joint injections

Please check with reception if you have a particular requirement to ensure you are given an appointment with a GP who provides that treatment.

We are able to provide referrals to public hospitals specialists and services at both Tauranga and Waikato/Thames Hospitals, and private specialists nationwide through secure electronic referrals.

Skin Cancer checks/Minor Surgery

Skin cancer is by far the most common cancer affecting New Zealanders.  We are very fortunate that at WFD all 4 of our doctors are capable of skin cancer treatment with 3 GPs having a special interest in management of Skin Cancer,Dr Tineke Iversen, Dr Jess Ussher & Dr Andy Gibson.

Our Doctors perform skin checks using a Dermatoscope, which are recommended by dermatologists to more accurately identify abnormal moles and other skin cancers which require removal.  
We encourage you to book for an annual skin check, which will take a minimum of 15 minutes. Subsidies from the PHO may be available to cover the cost of skin lesion biopsies and removal if you have a community services card.


As well as standard Medical certificates (Driver's licence, Insurance) Waihi Family Doctors is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive Pre-employment/Occupational medicals with Dr Andy Gibson and Dr Andy von Biel.This assessment can be tailored to fit the requirements of the employer and can include spirometry, audiometry, vision and biometric assessment as well as a full medical exam, blood test and urine drug screen (quick or ESR). Nurse Di Pirrit is the only nurse accredited locally to perform ESR drug screens.

Family Planning including Long term Contraceptives

Our Doctors and nurses are experienced in providing all aspects of family planning and sexual health advice.   Dr Iversen & Dr Ussher are able to insert/remove Jadelles and IUCDs including Mirenas.  Jadelles and IUCDs, all require a 15 min pre assessment appointment by the GP prior to booking the procedure which is usually a double appointment.

Sexual health consultations (including contraceptive advice and prescriptions, and STI checks are funded to be FREE to those under 25 year old, at all practices located within the Waikato DHB, including Waihi Family Doctors.

Some other services including Jadelle  & IUCD insertion are also partially funded by our PHO and a insertion cost is charged - this can be discussed with your doctor at the time of your pre-assessment appointment.


Travel Vaccinations

Our GPs are able to provide basic travel health and vaccination advice.

It is best to discuss your trip several months prior to travel so that if travel vaccinations are required there is time to order and give them.

Travel vaccines are not funded, and will need to be paid for at time of ordering.

We encourage you to see a specialist doctor at a travel clinic in either Tauranga or Hamilton for advice if you have travelling through multiple countries (especially Asia/South America), or have a uncertain itinerary/backpacking as your health risks are more complex.

Long Term Conditions (LTC) Progamme -

Coming soon - our new programme through NHC.

First Trimester Maternity Care

Pregnancy tests are provided FREE of charge to all enrolled patients.
Maternity care is available free of charge up to 13 weeks, after this time care would be provided by your chosen LMC (lead maternity carer, usually a midwife).
All our GPs are experienced in providing pregnancy advice, and first trimester care.